It’s My 30th Birthday! 30 things I’ve learned Over these 30 years of mines.

51sj0nFWn9L._SY355_It feels good to turn a new leaf. It’s even better when you can sit back and actually reflect on the things I’ve done. First foremost I like to thank The Lord for allowing me to see 30 over the past few years I’ve experienced depression, near death, the loss of a best friend and the lost of someone I loved these things where the most hurtful but God was the one who got me through. Thank you Jesus if I had a thousand tongues it still wouldn’t be enough. To God be the glory the praise and the honor.

ap,550x550,12x16,1,transparent,tHere’s 30 things I’ve learned.

  1. How to let things go whether I could control it or if it’s emotional.761051_1
  2. How to forgive others as well as myself.a308fbe0aa442ab7777e98fb70825a8a
  3. How to deal with my emotions not to allow them to be my reason of thought.61gA0bBmVoL._SX425_.jpg
  4. What it really means to be a parent.and-then-god-created-the-scorpio-happy-birthday-to-all-28546646.png
  5. Knowing God for myself and building a relationship with him.b76bd1e8236fecc95aa2c122a79bf28f--th-birthday-quotes-th-birthday-cards
  6. To always remain humble I don’t know everything and I don’t always need to be first.CiBxk95VAAEPi-i.jpg
  7. How to be patient (with kids they can teach you a lot lol)Happy-Birthday.-Welcome-to-30.-The-age-when-you-should-know-better-but-really-don’t..jpg
  8. How to love myself.il_fullxfull.1131759464_d430_200x200
  9. How to listen I mean really listen to others not just hear what I want to hear.17-best-30th-birthday-quotes-on-pinterest-30th-birthday-cards-99149.jpg
  10. How to pray I must be in constant communication with The Lord He needs to hear from us.30th-birthday-balloons-delivered-7.jpg
  11. “Eat the meat spit out the bone” means don’t take criticism to the heart take what you need and leave what you don’t and the emotions are not on the table.51w+n6r009L._SX348_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg
  12. How to ask for help. It’s ok to ask for help it doesn’t make you  weak or any less smart as a matter of fact it makes you wise. If you need help just ask someone who is more experienced and then you will be skilled. See how that work.52f7b58e671e802efe0b2462af7fe0b9.jpg
  13. How to tell people “NO.” Sometimes you just need to tell people no just plain and simple if you don’t you leave room for others to use you and take advantage of you.8207f1c0cb4cf6755a13c391f327036e.jpg
  14. I’ve learned that the things that I go through are not for me they are for me to trust and have faith in The Lord apply his word to the situation come through it and then be a witness and have a testimony for others and help those who are dealing with that situation at hand.happy-30th-birthday3.jpg
  15. How important it is to eat healthy. We have to be careful what we are putting in our body’s. Our body is what we use to get around on earth.images (2)
  16. I’ve learned how to think about others and caring for others.images (4)
  17. I’ve learned how to accept myself. You must accept yourself so you wont look to others for approval.
  18. I’ve learned how to wear make-up. I love to wear make-up.
  19. I’ve learned to Read more books. Do you know how much you can learn from a book if you just read it. I love reading self-help books.
  20. I’ve learned how to be responsible.
  21. I’ve learned how to manage money. It’s always good to know how to save your money for a rain day and have good credit.
  22. I’ve learned how to retwist locs. I love to do my children’s hair. Locs are cool.
  23. I’ve learned that  it’s important to be observant. Pay attention at all times to family, friends, co-workers everyone!
  24. How to dress more modest. It shows you have self-respect.
  25. How to give God the glory even when things are not going my way. That was hard.
  26. I’ve learned how to cook. My family faves spaghetti, taco, sloppy joe, white rice and this new dish I made today.
  27. I’ve learned how to multitask. This a super power.
  28. I’ve learned how to love others. It’s a daily challenge but it’s worth it.
  29. I’ve learned how to celebrate others. It’s good to see others doing good and moving up in life.
  30. How to be me Eunique Baby!


I’m sure there are more things that I’ve learned and there will be more things to learn but I just wanted to share and give away a life’s golden jewels for you. I hope you enjoy this list it was funny writing it and I pray you can use it for your life.

bullion gold gold bars golden
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Final Treasure

I hope I have encouraged you to sit down and think about the things that you have learned over the years you’ve lived to grow and become a much better you. I want you to be at your full potential.  May The Lord add a special blessing to you and yours.


Where there’s a will, there’s a Jewel.


Drop your Jewels!!!

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