Novemeber Baby

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I’m so excited it’s November and guess what that means well, for starters it’s my favorite time of the year but not only that

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It’s My Birthday Month. November 10th


I will be 30 this year and I really don’t know what to say. I’m a mom of 4 which I thank God for daily, I have a wonderful man, I have a true bestie, and a caring brother with a father whose there for me. As I sit here and write I”m thinking of all the things I’ve done over my 30 years somethings I wish I never did somethings I wish I did and somethings i enjoyed. I’m blessed and honored to make it to see 30 years of life and may The Lord granted me 30 more years.



Just want to take the time out to say Happy Birthday to my fellow Scorpios. We the best and never for get that! I hope you all have a lovely and blessed birthday as you know I will for sure. Say tune I will be posting about my birthday.


bullion gold gold bars golden Final Treasure

Birthdays are a gift and a reminder to show you where you have been and where you are heading. God created each of us on our special day to share with love ones, to reflect on, and to look to him for his will in our life. With that being said let me know how you spent your birthday down below. May The Lord bless you and add more blessings to you and yours.

Where there’s a will, there’s a Jewel. 💎

Drop your Jewels!!!

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