What Faith Means to Me

Faith is everything to me it’s so much as the air I breathe. I have always had faith even when I was a child I didn’t understand it but I definitely had faith. When I got 22 years old that was when God showed me how real he was. I knew God was real but I thought he was angry with me because of the choices I’ve made. So it was impossible for me to believe that God would speak to me or even love me. (If you want me to blog about that leave me a message in comments below) From that moment God spoke to me I believed and had faith and in that time he has changed me and my heart. Today I’m 29 and so to be 30 in November and I must say I’m ever so glad that I had faith when I heard God. Tell me a moment when you used your faith in comments below.

Drop your Jewels!!!

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